About Us

What is The Adventure Diary all about?

The Adventure Diary is a lesbian travel blog ran by Lauren and Paisley (who are a couple in case you were wondering). Focusing on adventure travel we look to show you the wonders of the world and inspire you to try new things for yourself.

Whether your adventure consists of trying something new in your home town or travelling by horse back through the wilderness. The Adventure Diary has everything you need under one roof to inspire you.

Why are we different to every other blog?

Our blog is designed to entertain and inform. Comedy is essential our travel stories are told through the perspective of a normal everyday couple adventuring the world. We want to make you laugh!

Just have a read of this blog here to completely understand our sense of humour… Adventuring Austria.

Our story: 

Meeting in Plymouth at the beginning of 2016 our relationship grew from there. Lauren went travelling around Europe in a van for 4 months whilst Paisley continued to work in Plymouth. They finally met up in Croatia at the beggining of October. The whole time Lauren blogged about her adventures whilst Paisley blogged about the difficulties of being ‘the partner left behind’.

The blog inspired the both of them. Now they want to travel the world whilst blogging about their adventures together.

Meet the Team

Two down to earth girls. Chugging away behind the scene to inspire adventures no matter how big or small.

Lauren and Paisley



Next Steps…

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