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What is The Adventure Diary all about?

The Adventure Diary is a travel blog created by Lauren Barratt to encourage you on your next adventure. Whether it’s something small like visiting somewhere near you or something massive. I’m here to answer questions, give you inspiration and help in any way I can. If you ever have a question feel free to email me: lauren@adventurediary.co or message me on instagram: @the_adventure_diary. 

Why are we different to every other blog?

I write from a first hand experience and try to give you as much insight into  travelling life and blogging as I can. I’m often told I have a very unique view on life and try to use this to inspire you. Also, being a down to earth blog we are packed with real advice and stuff you can actually use!

My Story: 

In 2016 I travelled with a friend around Europe for 4 month in a VW caddy. Not only was it one of the craziest things I have ever done, it is one of the best things I have ever done. Loving with pure freedom and the ability to adventure as much as I wanted I felt like I had found true happiness. I had to return to the UK for personal reasons as my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I spent 2 years caring for her before we unfortunately lost her. So now I am in a position to travel again and make the most of life. 

The future: 

Currently I am writing a book which I hope to release at the beginning of 2021 I am not able to give you much more information at the moment but it will be travel related! Also, I am in the process of converting a van into a camper to join the #vanlife movement again and head out at the end of August 2019 to travel. I have no plan I just no when I am leaving the UK!


Next Steps…

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The view...
The view on the way to the trolltunga.

Also, I deliver educational talks and workshops, which you can find information about on the site or on Public Speakers Corner.