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The Adventure Diary’s Top Travel Tips:

All of the travel tips below are from first hand travel experience. In 2016 we travelled around Europe and only spent £1500, this is how we did it.

The Best Money Saving Travel Tips:

Below are some simple yet very effective ways you can save money whilst travelling. I learnt and use these whilst travelling myself:

  • Buy the majority of your food from a supermarket-

    Eating out is costly and this is a great tip for the more expensive countries.Buying food from a supermarket allowed me to live off a £10 per week food budget. Of course, having a meal out as a treat from time to time is fine, you just need to make sure the majority of your food is supermarket brought.

  • Research the cheapest supermarkets-

    You would not shop in Marks and Spencer’s if you were on a tight budget in the UK so you do not want to be going to top of the range shops if you are on a budget in other countries. Research online the cheapest food ships within the specific countries and shop around.  Look for the best deals, you may get meat very cheap in one and fruit and veg cheap in another.

  • Change your diet to suit the cheapest food within the countries-

    Each country will have food which is more expensive or cheaper, change what you eat to suit this. For example, if you love Brie in Norway you are looking at paying £20 per KG for it, whereas, you can get 250g of Salmon for £2.25.

  • Don’t eat meat daily-

    Meat and fish are generally the most expensive food items within each country. In order to get around this eating meat once a week is recommended. Some blogs suggest avoiding fresh vegetable and fruit, from personal experience avoiding meat will save you a lot more money long term. Vegetables and fruit also last a lot longer than meat and fish.

  • Stock up in cheaper countries-

    A simple but not often used strategy to save money. If you are travelling into a country which is notoriously expensive then always stock up in a cheaper country. Top travel tips: You can take dry food in your suitcases on planes.

  • Use your cooking gas wisely-

    Sometimes the gas which you regularly use for your cooking appliance is not used or easy to get hold of within each country.  Also, the specific gas might be very expensive within a specific country. Always research this before you leave. In order to use your gas wisely choose food and meals which cook quickly e.g. noodles, stir frys, eggs, pancakes etc. Or if you have access to electric purchase an electric hob.

  • Cook on fire as much as you can-

    This will help you to save your cooking gas of course and is also a great way to cook food which takes longer to cook. For instance, the only time pasta or rice would be cooked would be on a fire. Also, boiling water for tea or coffee would only be completed this way too as it can use a lot of gas.

  • Use the environment around you-

    Nature is a great resource to use to save you money. You can find free food all around you if you take the time to look. Berries will grow in the wild, mussels are in the sea, there are waterfalls to shower in and fish swimming free in the ocean. use these. However, in order to use the environment you often need to be willing to go out of your comfort zone and look for new things. Have a read of these two posts in order to give you ideas of how you can become more resourceful.

           1. The Wandurlust Life

           2. Travel Inspiration

  • Make friends-

    Immerse yourself in the community and talk to the people you see around. Sometimes it could lead to nothing, although sometimes it could lead you to new opportunities. For example, getting to try paddleboarding for free or being invited in for dinner and drinks. People are often kind and willing to give if you are willing to give your time too.

  • Get free food-

    This of course links in to using the environment around you. If you can fish then you already have an advantage, also look for berries and mussels. Other food items which I have never paid for are salt, pepper, sugar and tomato ketchup. These are often left out free in fast food restaurants so just pick up some from there every time you visit. Even if it is just to use the toilet.

  • Always fill up when you see cheap petrol and diesel-

    If you are driving around within a car or a camper-van get to know the prices of petrol and diesel. You will find the cheapest places to fill up close to city centres and built up areas. Always fill up even if it is not completely needed when you see somewhere that is cheap. Often petrol stations within the countryside will be every expensive compared so this will help to save money in the long run.

  • Source free water-

    If it is possible within the country you are in always try and source free water. Whether it is from a tap or a fresh running waterfall this will save money in the long run. Also, carry water sterilising tablets with you just in case.

  • Avoid paying to camp and park as much as possible-

    Wild camping or sleeping within a car or a camper-van will save you a lot of money when it comes to accommodation costs. When it is safe to do so and legal always wild camp and park for free as much as possible. Another way to get around accommodation costs would be to use couch surfing (which is free) or Air BnB (which you have to pay for).

  • Use public toilets, solar showers or waterfalls to wash-

    Having not once paid to shower or wash whilst travelling you do not need to either. Take showers in waterfalls or fresh water lakes when ever you can. Buy a solar shower to take with you before you leave or simply wash your hair within sinks and rinse your body. trust me you do not end up smelling and this is the cheapest way to keep clean.

  • Borrow as much as you can before you leave-

    Often your friends and family may have items which you need lying around and not being used. This will help you to save on the ‘pre’ travel costs.

  • Take as much as you can with you-

    To save money whilst you are out and travelling take as much as you can with you. Of course this might not be possible if you are backpacking but if you happen to be travelling around in a van taking things such as kayaks and bikes will save you a lot of money in excursions and equipment hire. Also, it leads you to seeing some incredible things at no cost!

  • Source out free wifi-

    Wifi can be found for free in all public library’s, most fast food restaurants and sometimes unlocked within residential areas. This is a great way to keep in contact with people at home for free.

    • Find a contract where you can use your phone abroad at no extra costs-

    If you need to use your phone regularly and can not wait until you have free wifi see this article to help you choose the best phone contract to have abroad:

    Check out: Using your phone abroad.

    Most importantly become resourceful!! Think outside of the box and try new things!

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