What is the Wanderlust Life all about?

wanderlust, What is the Wanderlust Life all about?

If you were to google what a Wanderlust Life is all about you will probably get some quote appearing like this on your screen:

Wanderlust (n.) – A strong desire or urge to travel or wander around the world.

Real life wanderlust:

This blog is designed to give you a taste of what a wanderlust life is actually about, past the words and the deep quotes. The aim is to inspire you through real life experiences and memories, to try something new and possibly see something that could end up changing your perspective on adventure and life. To find your own version of wanderlust, so to speak. Personally, for me Norway has given me the biggest taste of a ‘Wanderlust Life’. The country itself is beautiful and around each corner a new adventure is waiting for you. The countryside allows you to live off the land, if you know how to use it or take the time to learn. Throughout my time travelling I have learnt, in turn I have got more effective and efficient when it comes to living off the land.

Norwegian Wanderlust:

For example, within the Efjord i scrambled to the top of a waterfall and took a ‘bath’ within one of the pools naturally created there. This was all whilst having an incredible view overlooking the stunning Efjord in front of me and a mountain behind me. The water was coming from the snow which had recently melted off the mountain so it was freezing cold (you can imagine on the nip on) but also really refreshing at the same time.

The day after a short drive down the road we came across the Sagfjorden. There were a number of small islands a short distance off the shore so we decided to kayak out to these. On the way around I found out that these islands were completely owned by the birds after being dive bombed by seagulls and the whole Norwegian bird life (that’s what it felt like). Docking up on to a less bird populated island for a little adventure and of course a photo opportunity, I found mussels on the sea bed which we collected for dinner the next day. On the way back to the main land though a few pilot whales just decided to pop up out of the water. I got super excited and started screaming to George who had already made it back to the main land in some high squeal pitch I never knew I was capable of making.

Having cleaned and soaked the mussels overnight they were ready to eat. It took about 4 hours to clean the mussels and it definitely was not the most pleasant of tasks I have completed. Tonight though we were cooking in an awe-inspiring place. Next to whirlpools. The Saltstraumen in Norway has the world’s strongest tidal current so four times a day when the tide goes in or out you can see whirlpools. Click here for whirlpool timetable. Although the whirlpools are absolutely better when the tide goes out. Witnessing the strength of nature unquestionably an astonishing thing to witness. What I enjoyed the most were the seagulls who would just float around on the whirlpools… the little things in life hey!!


So a wanderlust life, what exactly is it? Well for me a wanderlust life is a life where no plans are created. You go with the flow. Make the most of the nature around you, becoming resourceful and using it to your benefit. Not to destroy it. A life where you never know what adventure awaits around the corner. The really beauty of a Wanderlust life is that you need to discover what exactly it is for you..

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  1. I real glad to find this website on bing, just what I was searching. Loving your perspective on travel. Added to my faves!

  2. Loving your blog. Once you’ve lived the wanderlust life you know what it’s really all about. I would never go back to my normal lifestyle!

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