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Please complete the form below to book Lauren, she offers the following services:

  • PSHE full and half days – designed bespoke to meet your targeted learning objectives;
  • Assemblies – focused around travel, social media and blogging;
  • Teacher CPD– focused on how to use social media to engage pupils within lessons;
  • Keynote Speaking – focused around travel, social media and blogging;
  • Motivational Speaking – focused around travel, social media and blogging;
  • Business Instagram Workshop- focused on how to develop your businesses Instagram presence, following and engagement.

If you would like to book Lauren for something a bit different please choose the other option and explain in the comments what you are looking for!

For more information on the services offered please see the educational workshop page.

Please provide me with any information linked to your booking e.g. location/date/time. If you are unsure don't worry, we can work together to find a suitable time and location!

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Author Details
Founder and creator of The Adventure Diary, I have extensively travelled Europe over the last 3 years. Having started as a part-time travel blogger I am now in the position where my blog is my career. Travelling, adventuring and exploring new places in the world is my main passion. For me sharing my passion for travel with others and having the platform to do that through my blog is very important.
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