The Perfect Gifts For Travellers

gifts for travellers, The Perfect Gifts For Travellers

Travellers and fellow adventures are hard to buy for, but we have got you covered in finding the perfect gifts for them. We understand their mindset and needs (basically we know what we’d want) so these are our suggestions of what you should get for them. If you want to order them for us too, we don’t mind.

Gifts For Travellers

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1. Scratch Off World Map

This is a common item for travellers to own. The feeling you get as you slowly work your way through different countries is exciting! It also helps them to plan where they want to go next. Not only is it an essential to have, it also looks amazing on the wall!

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2.  Lonely Planets Ultimate Travelist

You’ll be inspiring the adventures of whoever you buy this for. It’s full of inspiring locations and adventures to point them into the right direction. It is an essential for those lacking ideas and those who don’t even realise they need these adventure ideas!

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3.  A Personalised Travel Fund Money Box

For those of us who are not lucky enough to be travelling right now we have to save. This personalised gift is perfect for anyone you know saving to travel. It’s much more than a piggy bank to travellers who love a personalised and quirky gift.

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4. Waterproof Phone Pocket

When you are out and about adventuring you never know when you are going to take part in a water sport or activity which involves water in anyway. Having a waterproof phone pocket to hand means you can keep your phone safe whilst still getting some awesome snaps.

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5. Portable Phone Charger

This will become a life saver for them when their phone dies at an awkward time you have got their back with this present. A portable phone charger is a necessity so make sure you choose a reliable, high power portable power bank.

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6. A Travel Journal

Us travellers always need somewhere to document our travels. A journal allows us to scribble down memories and add photos or drawings. The one below also comes with refillable pages so you’ll never run out of room!

It’s also a long term gift as in the future when you sit back and look through your journal reflecting on your memories, reminiscing about something you forget. That’s when they will fully appreciate this gift.

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7. Personalised Print World Map

If you are after a more personalised map present this could be what you are looking for. You can choose the design, name and show the countries they have visited. It’s super cute and very personal.

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8. Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras are a new craze in the travelling world. They’re much smaller than a DSLR but still take high quality photos, meaning they’ll get quality but even more room left in the backpack. Also, when they are out and about adventuring a mirrorless camera is much easier to hide in your pocket than a chunkier DSLR and handy to have so you don’t waste your phones battery.

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9. Drone

Not an essential but definitely on every travellers wish list is a drone. This gives them the ability to capture some incredible footage and shots meaning they can share their adventures with you all at home. If you do choose a drone then check out our drone tips for beginner blog.

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10. Headphones

When travelling you need to escape every once in a while and headphones are the best way to do it. They come in handy when you are on a plane or even staying in a hostel and need to escape for a while, so if you are after the perfect gift for travellers then headphones are definitely up there.

So these are our perfect gifts for travellers.

Got any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments, we love hearing from you!

gifts for travellers, The Perfect Gifts For Travellers
Gifts For Travellers

This post includes affiliate links, anything you do buy from Amazon afterwards funds our travels so thank you!

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