Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

truffle hunting, Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

Also known as “the Golden Mushrooms“, the truffle is one of those well hidden secrets. In order to discover them, you’ll need to go truffle hunting, which is very famous in Tuscany. With a flavour that varies from strong and intense to pungent and acrid, the truffle is either loved or hated. In any case, it is still one of the most traditional Tuscan products and with a few simple recipes you will be able to bring out the best of this mushroom.

Where To Go Truffle Hunting In Tuscany

Those who work with truffles can confirm it: they are a bit like diamonds. Even within the usual shape and size, one truffle can be very different in flavour from another. Although there are several areas in Tuscany well known in the international circuit for truffle hunting, there are some specific places that excel. Truffles grow in wooded areas, especially in hills well covered with oaks, hazels, pines, and other trees. These small delicacies can be found in five areas of Tuscany, let’s see which they are.

  • Mugello: The picturesque hills that extend north of Florence, where the white truffle grows spontaneously.
  • Maremma Grossetana: Although the finest truffle is not harvested here, there is a constant production. The truffle in these areas grow more easily.
  • Hills of San Miniato: It covers the area between Pisa and Florence, universally known as one of the most important areas for truffle hunting and production in Tuscany. San Miniato, also called the “city of the truffle”, supplies a large quantity of this mushroom and hosts one of the most renowned markets for all truffle lovers.
  • Valle del Casentino: In the predominantly wooded area between Florence and Arezzo, there are several varieties of truffles, including the most prized of the whites.
  • Val Tiberina: In the province of Arezzo, cities like Anghiari and Badia Tedalda are particularly proud of their truffles. Although, they are much less known than other areas of the region. Here, you will find many restaurants with typical dishes prepared with truffles, while special events dedicated to this product are usually organized from the second weekend of October until mid-November.
  • truffle hunting, Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

Every Truffle Has It’s Own Unique Taste

Each type of truffle has its own distinctive taste and personality, and varies in weight, size, fragrance, and use in the kitchen. There are six types of truffles that can be collected and the official season is regulated by the region of Tuscany. If you want to buy fresh truffles while you are in the area, take a look at the dates of the seasonal calendar in order to verify that they are really fresh and authentic.

The Best Way To Eat Truffles

Keep it simple: Truffles go well with anything, from pasta to pizza, even to Florentine steak. Those who are lucky enough to have fresh truffles at their disposal, can try two of the classic dishes: fresh eggs cooked with an ox eye with truffle shavings or white risotto without any other sauce than grated truffle flakes on.

Ready for truffle hunting in Tuscany?

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