Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have put together the questions we receive the most from the people we love the most. You. Our readers and viewers! If we have missed anything however, make sure to use the contact page to drop us a message!

What is The Adventure Diary?

Simply we are a lesbian travel blog, documenting our adventures right here. Women aren’t so simple though are they? So the complicated version is that we are a travel blog helping to support and grow local businesses. With our passionate and loyal readers, which grows daily, we look to inspire our readers with your awesome products and services.

What can we do for your business?

Business with blogs perform 80% more effectively than those without. 1 in 10 blog posts are compounding, which means that the traffic visiting the site increases over time. Therefore, your business can make the most of these posts and increase traffic to your own site. Blogging adds a personal approach to your business, for customers getting to know what you are about is essential. A personal perspective through an external source adds depth to your company.

The Adventure Diary can work directly with you and your business to create ‘social media’ packages which show off your business in compounding posts. We are a new and unique LGBT blog and our traffic is growing daily.

Creating blogs can take time for businesses so why create your own when you already have one right here? Check our work with us page for more information.

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What do we do for our readers?

We provide our readers with incredible deals, amazing travel tips and locations to die for. Our readers inspire us and we want the best for them. Offering only true and valid opinions you know what you read on our website is true. The Adventure Diary wants the best for you, our readers.

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Do you collaborate?

Of course! In a variety of different ways. Through guest blogging, to taking over your Instagram or twitter. You could even have a live Facebook feed from somewhere epic. We are very flexible- taking yoga classes once a year helps. All you need to do is use the contact form or drop us an email to find out more!

How can I work for you?

We are a unique travel blog looking to collaborate in a number of different ways. Currently we have no specific job vacancies. However, we are open to ideas.

If you would like to guest blog please email me directly at

valletta, Why you Should Visit Valletta Malta’s Capital
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Founder and creator of The Adventure Diary, I have extensively travelled Europe over the last 3 years. Having started as a part-time travel blogger I am now in the position where my blog is my career. Travelling, adventuring and exploring new places in the world is my main passion. For me sharing my passion for travel with others and having the platform to do that through my blog is very important.