Here you will find the projects we are working on. We look to inspire and innovate with our projects and are always looking for new ideas. If you would like to get involved in our projects please do contact us we are always up for new and exciting ideas! Also, if you would like to collaborate etc see ur working with us page.

Projects underway:

My book:

I am currently in the process of writing a book which talks all about my travels and what I have been up to. In the hope to inspire you to travel no matter how big or small that adventure is! Find out more about what I am currently unto here: about us and if you would like to contact us f

Travel guides:

A fully interactive and downloadable travel guide for destinations we visit. Becoming available on ibooks, amazon and also as a pdf. Our travel guide only features unique businesses which offer something different, unique and interesting. We want to inspire more British people to visit these incredible countries and we are targeting the younger generation. They are tech savvy and this would fit into what they read.

Next Steps…

Get involved and contact us. We are always looking to expand our projects and vision. The Adventure Diary is here to inspire our readers and increase custom for your business.

valletta, Why you Should Visit Valletta Malta’s Capital
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Founder and creator of The Adventure Diary, I have extensively travelled Europe over the last 3 years. Having started as a part-time travel blogger I am now in the position where my blog is my career. Travelling, adventuring and exploring new places in the world is my main passion. For me sharing my passion for travel with others and having the platform to do that through my blog is very important.