Here you will find the projects we are working on. We look to inspire and innovate with our projects and are always looking for new ideas. Only broadcasting interesting and unique businesses and services, our main audience is 18-30 year old’s within the United Kingdom. Therefore, only products and services which would interest then will be featured within our projects.

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Projects underway:

Devon and Cornwall Travel Guide:

A fully interactive and downloadable travel guide for Devon and Cornwall. Becoming available on ibooks, amazon and also as a pdf. Our travel guide only features unique businesses which offer something different, unique and interesting. We want to inspire more British people to visit these incredible counties and we are targeting the younger generation. They are tech savvy and this would fit into what they read.


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Next Steps…

Get involved and contact us. We are always looking to expand our projects and vision. The Adventure Diary is here to inspire our readers and increase custom for your business.
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