6 months of Guadeloupe holiday fun

Guadeloupe, 6 months of Guadeloupe holiday fun

From December to May every year, many people from all over the world make their way to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe to enjoy the tropical beaches and marine life. What many of them do not know is that there is nothing French to the name Guadeloupe. As a matter of fact, the name is coined from two words; one Latin and the other Arabic. If you take a holiday to Guadeloupe, you will still be in a territory of France so expect to hear a lot of French being spoken here. What will you experience in Guadeloupe?

The twin islands of Guadeloupe

Often people refer to Guadeloupe as an island but the fact is that there are two islands collectively named as one; Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. The only thing that separates these two islands is a very small gap; it is no wonder that people ignore it. In addition to that, these two islands are interconnected back and forth using multiple bridges. If you are in a guided holiday, you will often hear the island defined as a single land mass – it is for the practicality of it. Yes, there are other smaller islands around this pair but it will take you a while to exhaust all the attractions here.

The pirate ship wonder

Just by the mere fact that Guadeloupe is an island, many cruise ships dock here for stop overs. Isn’t this a great opportunity to sample foreign cuisine and marvel at the great architecture that goes into ship building? If you are brave enough to catch the waves, you are free to take a boat trip on small vessels that will offer you the perfect chance of sight-seeing. Arranged holidays offer more than just trips further down the ocean but they also offer group based fun. So, you are a sailor in the making? Not quite if you do not sample the locally made rum.

All-year round holiday weather

While the majority of people prefer going on holiday during the peak season, there is nothing wrong with spending your vacation along on the beach. Well, not entirely solo but the number of visitors to Guadeloupe from June to November have a lot of off-peak offers to enjoy. The temperatures for most of the year average about 30oC so beach life is always vibrant. Even when it is wet in Guadeloupe, the conditions are still fine for the perfect vacation.

Sun kissed by nature

French sophistication has definitely rubbed off on the people of the holiday island of Guadeloupe. Are you thinking of taking your entire family with you on vacation? It is a good thing you picked Guadeloupe as a destination because the Caribbean sun shines with perfection in this destination. For a time of adventure and luxury, set up base in La Caravelle right next to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is within the tropical garden you will find here that the sun will do magic to your skin.

On the trail of exploration

Most of the attractions of the island of Guadeloupe are open for anyone to see but there are some that need some bit of digging below the surface. Did you know that there existed a leper colony in Guadeloupe? Well, the place is a bit a bit deserted but perfectly safe at the same time. A trek through the thick lush jungle lets you in on the secrets of life as an outcast. The magic of the water as it hits the bed of the waterfall happens where wildlife joins in the spectacle. A day, week not even month is enough to soak up all the energy that comes out from the waves as they crash against the rocks at Pointe des Châteaux.

Is it necessary to go for an all-inclusive holiday to Guadeloupe? The answer to this question is NO but then again this could be what you are looking for in a vacation. Since everything is done for you, all you have to do to have fun is to show up. From the meals you will take to were you will sleep, someone is doing all the hard work so that your holiday is truly that: a period to do nothing but enjoy the pleasantries that life has to offer. What about parking for your vehicle?

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