10 Reasons Why You Should Go Hiking in Norway

hiking, 10 Reasons Why You Should Go Hiking in Norway

After going on some incredible walks through the Norwegian mountains myself these are my 10 reasons you should go hiking in Norway, they are in no particular order!

1. The Views:

When you hike high up into the Norwegian mountains what you get to see is incredible. Snow covered mountains, jaw dropping glaciers, beautiful fjords, mountain ranges which go on for miles,  These are views which you will never forget and you will end up telling everyone about them, the true beauty of nature will stick in your mind forever and leave you wanting more!

hiking, 10 Reasons Why You Should Go Hiking in Norway
The Preikestolen Rock in Norway

2. Personal Achievement:

Some of the hikes can be physically exhausting. For example, the Trolltunga rock hike in Norway can take between 10-12 hours. With the first 4k of the hike being a very steep 1100m hill, the first 1k is defiantly the hardest but after this you still have another 10k to go before you even reach the Trolltunga and then another fun 11k back! For some this is easier than others but when you do reach the summit or the view point the sense of achievement is over whelming.

Don’t be put off by the length of the Trolltunga hike either there are much shorter ones too, take for example the hike to Pulpit rock 4k each way taking 1.5-2 hours each way. Also, the Kjerag rock hike is a 9k hike which takes between 6-8 hours depending on your speed! Always remember it doesn’t matter how long it takes you just be proud that you made it to the destination!

3. Photos:

You have seen the classic look at me photos plastered all over social media everyone needs to get that photo surely? Add that to your collection? Even if you are not going for the classic look at me on this famous rock photos the ones you will get on the way will be just as beautiful, When walking up to the Trolltunga rock and Pulpit rock I had to stop every 20 minutes just to take photos of the incredible scenery!

Check these out:

4. Mythology:

In Scandinavian folklore trolls are a key feature. When travelling around Norway you will come across a number of different statues and posters of troll festivals which are taking places. The troll mythology can also be applied within the mountains it was once believed that trolls roamed around at night and when caught within the sunlight they would turn into rock making up the notorious mountain ranges of Norway. The Trolltunga rock is said to be a troll caught sticking its tongue out,

Check it out for your self… A troll’s tongue or just a rock? Who knows…

5. Networking:

On your hikes and waiting to get your photographs at the rocks you will often meet like-minded individuals. It is a great place to network with people who have similar interests as you! It opens up new opportunities and often these people become friends for life, people you travel with in the future or who you go and visit in the future and who knows you could meet a future partner?

Check out my blog Stranger Danger’ for more inspiration of why talking to strangers always opens up new avenues for you!!

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6. Become a story teller:

Everyone has heard of the saying, “travelling it leaves you breathless and turns you into a story teller”. This is very very true. the stories you will acquire whilst hiking can’t be predicted you never know what is going to happen. Maybe you will come across a moose? Be able to touch a glacier?

That is the beauty about hiking you never know what you are going to see and by putting yourself in a new and exciting position you increase your chances of seeing amazing!

Check out this glacier I found on one of my adventures:

7. Learn new things:

Whilst adventuring through the mountains not only will you learn things about yourself but also about the country you are in and the environment around you. This is how I learnt about the Scandinavian folklore and also I have learnt about the berries which grow wild within Norway and what to look out for to get yourself a free snack whilst you hike through.

Check out my blog ‘What is the Wanderlust life all about?’ to see what berries grow wild and where else you can find free food in Norway! 

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8. Inspiration:

On your hike you will often be inspired by nature and the things that you see around you. It will inspire you to try new things or to add them onto your bucket list, it might inspire you to read more, take up photography, explore where you live more. Only you can find out what it will inspire you to do!

9. For fun:

Surprisingly hiking can be fun. On the way you will find yourself laughing at ridiculous things, reminiscing over previous memories, talking about what you have to come in the future and lots more. You will talk to people you barely know and see things that can’t be unseen. Challenging yourself and playing games become innate, whether that is trying to beat your 1k time or stupid games you make up. Plus, you will have fun trust me!

10. To Adventure the world:

The cliche motto: “you only have one life, live it” slips into my mind here! You have one chance to explore the world, see thins you have never seen before and create some unbelievable memories for yourself, so push yourself out of your comfort zone and go beyond your usual every day to day life. There is so much you and I still haven’t seen so get out and go and see it! You will be surprised at what will pop up along the way, what you learn and the memories you gain. But it well worth it… Trust me, give it a go and find out for yourself!

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  1. I’m heading to Norway next summer for a hiking adventure. Super excited now after reading this! Sounds like you had a great time hiking in Norway.

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