Packing For A Beach Holiday With Just Hand Luggage

hand luggage, Packing For A Beach Holiday With Just Hand Luggage

Many of us dream of just escaping the grind of the nine to five and escaping to the beach for a few days. The warmth of the sun on your skin, the delight in the sea air, and the general calm we can feel by just listening to the lapping waves. A beach holiday is a great thing! However, when it is a last-minute decision or a holiday for just a few days, the convenience of hand luggage is the way to go. So what should you pack? Here are some suggestions.

hand luggage, Packing For A Beach Holiday With Just Hand Luggage

A compact beach towel

With little space in hand luggage, you may be thinking that a towel will take up too much of it that you need for other items, but there are different towels that you can get that are really versatile for packing and are definitely an essential. Ones like the Hammam towels could be a good one to consider. It will ensure that you are ready to head to the beach straight away, without the worry of finding a ship to purchase one that won’t last, or even looking around in your accommodation. It is always best to be prepared to make the most of your time.

Ditch the sunscreen and toiletries

One thing that takes up a lot of space and also weight is toiletries and sunscreen, so if you can ditch the products. You may want to pack a travel size of sunscreen to get you started on the day once you arrive so you are protected, but you will easily come across a shop or supermarket where you can purchase all of the things that you need for very little money. Save on cost and weight in your luggage.

Shoes for the day and shoes for the night

Shoes can often be a tricky one when it comes to hand luggage, so it is time to be strategic with your choices. If you can stick with one pair for the day and one pair for the night. A straightforward plain flip flop could be ideal for the day, and dressier sandals for the night. Stick with a black or neutral shade so you know they will go with anything. It might also be worth packing one pair of trainers to give you some flexibility for walking and daytime looks if you think flip flops might not always be appropriate footwear.

Plan the outfits for the day and the night

Sometimes we love a choice, but when you are going away with hand luggage, then you really need to think about the outfits you have so you can save on space, so this is where planning comes in. Plan your days and nights so you know the type of clothes that you will need. Then you can pack the outfits for each day and evening. It can also take away that time where you are deciding what to wear as the decision has been made in advance.

Don’t worry if you forget anything

Finally, don’t worry if you forget something. These days most destinations will have shops and places you can buy anything from clothes to toiletries, even the forgotten hairbrush. 

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to packing with just hand luggage.

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hand luggage, Packing For A Beach Holiday With Just Hand Luggage
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