Best Places to Travel With Kids This Winter

, Best Places to Travel With Kids This Winter

With the arrival of long and cold days, arrive the days of tedious kids’ nagging of wanting to go outside. As they have finally welcomed their winter holiday, the time has come to go on a fun and enticing trip. The coolest season of the year can offer a number of entertaining opportunities for family trips, including holiday gateways to snowy mountains and short but exciting city breaks. Pack jumpers, coats, boots, and gloves and let your imagination run wild. Here are some of the best places you can visit with your kids during the winter season!

Have a blast at an indoor water park

Children enjoy splashing around in the water, and if you add fun slides, tubes, and a variety of colourful pools, you have a perfect combination. There are a lot of water parks that you can visit during winter, however, the top-notch ones are Grapevine in Texas and Pump House Indoor Waterpark in Victoria are open. Get prepared to experience more than 30 slides and rides and have an adventure of a lifetime. As your kids ride the indoor waves while it is chilly outside, you can relax in a hot tub sipping fresh lemonade.

Go ice skating in New York

, Best Places to Travel With Kids This Winter

This bustling city is absolutely majestic and fairytale-like during winter. Besides being cosmopolitan and iconic, New York has a lot of child-friendly activities for cold and chilly days. And if you were to travel to this splendid city this winter, you should certainly go ice skating. Do your twists and turns at the Manhattan’s ice rink, the outstanding Wollman Parks in Central Park or the famous rink in Rockefeller Plaza. This is quintessential winter fun for all the family. Rent skates, glade around and practice your spins and ‘falls’ and create a memorable travel experience.

Opt for a family ski vacation

Blend with winter months and make the most out of your travel. Head out to some of the best ski resorts that offer fun for all the family. Aspen and Breckenridge can be too expensive, so try slopes at Sundial in Park City, Utah, where you can frugally ski and snowboard around 7,300 acres with intermediate slopes and trails. Also, let’s not rule out the mesmerising Lake Tahoe. Go snowboarding and skiing for the outdoor winter delights, and for the adventure off the slopes think of engaging in some great and fun winter pastime for kids indoors by playing various games and activities in your winter lodge or cabin.

Hit the beach

If dressing kids in thick layers of clothes is not your idea of fun, then you have to travel to the warm places on the globe to get the most of your wintertime. Replace the winter wonderland with sun, sand, and sea. For all-family experience visit Turks and Caicos resort and go scuba diving in the beautiful coral reef or swim in the crystal blue waters for a spectacular time. On top of that, San Diego in California and Orlando in Florida have plenty of kid-friendly hotels that top up any other list of the family vacation.

Utilize short winter destinations

, Best Places to Travel With Kids This Winter

Accommodation prices can skyrocket at some key winter destinations, so be savvy and try to travel in a more affordable way this winter. Visiting Disney World in winter months is a great bargain since there are no crowds and the days are mild and ideal for hectic family fun. Only avoid going on fun rides during mornings and evenings because it can be rather cold. Las Vegas is another great winter-travel idea. Visit the aquarium, fun children’s museum, live circus acts, and plenty of indoor theme parks. 

Brave the chilly outdoor temperatures by going skiing, relaxing indoors or by playing Wii or Xbox. No matter which winter destination you may choose, as long as you are together you will surely have fun.

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