Visiting Sydney in the Winter? Some Sightseeing Suggestions

Sydney, Visiting Sydney in the Winter? Some Sightseeing Suggestions

Whatever the time of year, the amazing city of Sydney has so much to offer any tourist! With the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the stunning Opera House being major attractions that everyone simply must visit. Yet, there is so much more to see and do in Sydney during the winter months.

Sydney, Visiting Sydney in the Winter? Some Sightseeing Suggestions

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Evening Entertainment

There are literally hundreds of bars and pubs tucked away in the backstreets, and some research will tell you the best places to go. There are theatres and cinemas to explore if it rains, and during the sunny days, a visit to one of the many parks will be time well spent. The nightlife in Sydney is famous the world over, and you will need at least one week to explore the numerous attractions in Sydney. 

Experience Sydney from the Air

There’s no better way to view Sydney and the magnificence of the Blue Mountains that are nearby to the city, and if you’re into photography, Sydney HeliTours aerial photography service in Sydney is simply the best available. A typical 90-minute flight takes in the magical Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and there’s so much more! As you take a low sweep along Bondi Beach, you can actually see the large fish that accommodate the water.

Sydney, Visiting Sydney in the Winter? Some Sightseeing Suggestions

The Blue Mountains

Again, it is from the air that you really appreciate the sheer size of the blue of mountains that gets its name from the blue haze created by the many eucalyptus trees planted in the region. If you book a helicopter tour in June or July, the weather is tolerable, plus you don’t have to deal with the throng of tourists that come in the high season.

The blue mountains are a major attraction anyway, yet by helicopter, you get to see all its splendour. The pilot is happy to provide a few low-level passes, which are the premium photo taking positions. In fact, many film directors insist on having some Sydney flybys in their production, courtesy of a professional helicopter tour service. 

Visit a Few Vineyards

The fertile soil of the valley is perfect for growing grapes, and the helicopter tour would likely include lunch at one of the better dining venues. Where you can sample some of the best wine Australia can offer. Even in the winter, temperatures rarely drop below 15C, so a jacket is all you need to keep warm, and the day temperatures are quite pleasant.

Sydney, Visiting Sydney in the Winter? Some Sightseeing Suggestions

While you might want to enjoy the Blue Mountains by air, you should also book a guided hiking experience, which gives you a totally different perception of this amazing region of Australia, and with some time sailing in the famous Sydney Harbour, your days will be filled with exciting and amazing views of this vibrant city.

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