3 days into the European Adventure…

My 2016 European Adventure:

Me and Georgina (Aka George) arrived in the Hook of Holland late on Thursday night. the ferry over was an interesting ride to say the least, a group of skin head bikers took up most of the deck, they all looked like old school gangsters and football hooligans; even the women with them did. That day England were playing Wales in Euro 2016 and I felt like I was in the movie Green Street. One brave guy (i say brave but you could say naive or stupid) had decided to proudly wear his Wales shirt on the ferry too… When England won 2-1 in the final minutes of the game you can imagine the grief he got!

Arriving in Holland:

After we had managed to vacate the busy port our first mission was to find a campsite. Us being us we hadn’t actually worked out exactly where the campsites where, but after speaking to a few locals in the town we managed to locate one. Our plan was to sleep in the van so George went in to book in and pay etc. It turns out though that George doesn’t like to follow the plan or to consult me with the change of plan before just doing something.

Bad Books:

She was and well and truly still is (it’s still pretty fresh in my mind right now) in my bad books for this… she decided we were going to camp in the tent because it was a few euros cheaper. We had brought the tent to store stuff in over night if needed, in the van we have a comfy double bed but nope today we are camping.Ten minutes into unloading our stuff and setting the tent up out of no where we had thunder and lightening to contend with too, I was in the middle of cooking dinner on the gas hob (whilst under a tree) so you can imagine the bad books George was in right now.

Sand Boarding:

After managing to survive the drama we fell asleep to the sound of rain on the tent (it was the worst nights sleep ever). The next day we got up and started our adventure we were going to drive towards Harlem, on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Just like any good adventure and because we got lost we stumbled across Den Haag in The Hague. In the distance we could see rolling sand dunes so naturally we grabbed our sand board for a ‘quick’ pit stop.

The quick pit stop soon turned into a good 3 or 4 hours exploring Den Haag and the beach, It was beautiful, the beach went on for miles. Besides it was boiling so we decided to get our bikinis on and top our tan up! This is what adventuring is about for me having no set plan and being able to find and explore what you want to, when you want to. It is the places you find accidentally which will always have the biggest impact on you.

Bit Stormy :

After we had chilled in the sun for a few hours we could see the thunder and lightening which we had driven away from on the horizon again so we packed up and hoped back into the van and back on route to Harleem. On the way we got lost again (this is going to be a standard thing) and came across some interesting looking country parks, Holland seems to be full of these. We pulled up somewhere near Lageveense Polder and that night we sat and had a picnic dinner whilst surrounded by deer and nature. Of course we had to be proper British and crack out a few brews.

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