5 Tips for Every First-Time Traveller

first-time traveller, 5 Tips for Every First-Time Traveller

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Heading away on your first “real” adventure? It might seem a daunting prospect, but taking a trip overseas is one of the experiences of a lifetime. Make sure you follow these five handy tips to ensure you make the most of your first time.

1. Budget

Having a set kitty of funds to draw from will make a massive difference when you’re away. This is something which needs to be done in the weeks and months leading up to your trip. Lonely Planet provide a useful guide regarding how to do this efficiently.

Running out of money while you’re away can be a major fun-detractor. Having more than you need is always the suggested way to go when it comes to something like this.

2. Schedule and plan

On a similar note, it’s handy to have a rough plan in place when it comes to what you actually want to do. This doesn’t have to be stuck to religiously, but rather provide the rough framework for what you’ll be doing throughout your trip.

Having this basic structure in place will makes things easier when it comes to working out where you need to be and when. For example, if your initial ideas saw you visiting two Mayan temples which were a few hundred miles apart in the space of a day, this process gifts you the chance to rearrange.

3. Don’t splurge on food

It’s great to indulge yourself on your travels, but do try to keep some grasp of how many calories you’re pumping into your body. TINZ suggest that as many as 60% of travellers claim to put on at least 2 kilos on their adventures.

This is a staggeringly high number, and belies the mental attitude most people have while they’re away. It’s fine to enjoy some foreign food and drink, but do try to moderate how much you’re putting in.

4. Pack sensibly

One trap which a lot of travellers fall into is taking way too much stuff with them. Massive rucksacks are a burden to lug around, and will often see a plethora of items go totally unused. While you also don’t want to under pack, it’s better to take a more sensible approach.

Eagle Creek provide a rundown of exactly what you need to take with you on your adventures. Always remember, you’ll be able to find most of what you left behind on your travels themselves, so you don’t need to cram your bag full of tat and junk which will only weigh you down.

5. Relax

Lastly, and most importantly, it’s crucial to remember to relax and really enjoy yourself. What’s the point of travelling away on an adventure if you’re going to be fretting and stressing the whole time? Let yourself become immersed in the excitement of a foreign land and leave the trials and tribulations of home life behind.

first-time traveller, 5 Tips for Every First-Time Traveller

Be sure to keep these first-time traveller tips in mind when you next head away!

first-time traveller, 5 Tips for Every First-Time Traveller
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  1. Great ideas for any first time traveller! I think the packing one is definitely right I took way to much on my first trip away.

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