Mallorca Beaches You Have To Visit

Mallorca Beaches, Mallorca Beaches You Have To Visit

Mallorca, one of the largest of the island in Balearic Islands is well-known for an abundance of things. Its history and culture has its own story to write, and the magical island has so much to offer for the adventuring soul. Its enchanting landscape is every explorer heart’s desire. Not forgetting of course Mallorca Beaches.

Lauren and Paisley spent a week in the quaint town of Alcudia, taking every opportunity go exploring. Driving the coastline, they explored all the beaches Mallorca had to offer.

 These are Mallorca Beaches That You HAVE to Visit!

1. Cap De Formentor

Cap de Formentor is located on the northernmost point of Mallorca. After a day of adventuring around the island we climbed (well when I say climb I mean mostly drove) up into the mountains. The sights were beyond beautiful. The limestone mountain tops seem almost monstrous from the bottom, but the winding roads up are surprisingly forgiving.

After climbing as high as we could we finally stopped to take a breath. The vast landscape before us was absolutely breath-taking. As far as the eye could see; crystal clear blue water; luscious green mountaintops that led down on to the perfect cove. Captivated by its promise, off we went to try to find this elusive beach. What we found was as fulfilling as we could have only hoped.

A small discreet beach that looked out into the Mediterranean Ocean; although surprisingly busy, it had everything we were looking for. Sand so fine it just melted in between your toes. Sun glistening off the stunning waters, warm from the constant beating of the rays from above. We honestly could have put down our towels and happily stayed there all day. Perfection is a hard word to live up too; but this truly wasn’t too far off!

Mallorca Beaches, Mallorca Beaches You Have To Visit
The beautiful Cap de Formentor from above.

2. Cala Agulla Beach

The largest beach on the Eastern tip of the island was a surprising accidental find. On a day where the weather was most definitely not playing game, we decided to jump in our hire car and to just drive. We soon came across a little town. Although there were a few hotels around, it seemed a little less impacted by the ever-growing tourism trade of Mallorca. We followed the roads down to the coast line, to which we came across Cala Agulla Beach.

The golden sand beach surrounded by beautiful pine forests and the mountains of Llevant Natural Park. The sun hiding behind the clouds meant that the beach was uncharacteristically quiet, which allowed us free rein to explore everything it had to offer. The shallow waters tempting us in, crashing up again the shore line; the sounds of nature all around us was the perfect respite from the buzz of the tourist hotspots of the main towns.

Mallorca Beaches, Mallorca Beaches You Have To Visit
Calla Agulla a beautiful sandy beach situated next to Llevant Natural Park.

3. Cala Mesquida

Driving North East along the coast we came across a small village named Capdepera. A short drive away we discovered Cala Mesquida beach. Encompassed by sand dunes dipping ever so slowly towards the sea-line is a small sheltered cove. Stunning clear waters, golden sand, everything you could wish for a day at the beach.

The winds pick up a little due to its sheltered location which did create some choppier waves and some heavier currents but there is a lifeguard on call at all busy times. Cala Mesquida is a unique location. The Balearic Government have made it an ‘area of special interest’ due to its natural wildlife and beauty. They pride themselves on protecting its natural wildlife, and this perfect beach is a pure example of everything that they have to gain.

The beach itself is backed by stunning pine trees while in contrast the opposite side, majestically looking over the beach is the tourist resort. Small hotels and holiday rentals prove very popular due to the direct access to the beach and the undeniable appeal of the local community.

Mallorca Beaches, Mallorca Beaches You Have To Visit
Cala Mesquida another beautiful sandy beach, situated next to rolling sand dunes.

4. Playa de Muro

Now getting up at 6.45am is never ever my idea of a good time. But watching sunrise on the Playa De Muro beach was truly something I will remember for the rest of my life. The island pinching in either side of the coastline; priming for the sun to slowly rise; the sea calm in its wake.

A few people had a similar idea and had come to welcome the day along with us. One gentleman had positioned himself at the end of the lonesome pier in the middle of the beach. We watched him do yoga, almost becoming the sun over the horizon. A deep orange tinge began to filter through the darkness and slowly the sky began to come to life.

Sitting on this beautiful beach, toes playing in the sand we watched as the sun rose high into the sky and the moment couldn’t have been any more perfect. It truly was a fitting end to what had been an amazing holiday. It truly summed up Mallorca beaches.

Mallorca Beaches, Mallorca Beaches You Have To Visit
Playa de Muro’s beautiful pier, a hot spot for photographers’ and yoga fanatics during sunrise.

Mallorca Beaches Summed Up:

Mallorca is an island with a multitude of things on offer for everyone. If exploring is not for you then you can be assured there are plenty of locations to pitch up, relax, have a drink and enjoy your holiday. However, if you are looking for an adventure and an opportunity to delve into the true identity of this small island in the Mediterranean ocean.

We highly recommend you make the time to experience it’s truly exquisite coastline. It’s diverse eco systems means that no locations is the same. Every beach has something unique to offer, something new to explore. An opportunity that truly should not be missed. Mallorca Beaches… you just have to visit them!


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