Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Mallorca

Mallorca, Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Mallorca

Just East of Spain, in the Mediterranean Sea sits a small group of islands. The Balearic Islands as they are commonly known have become an ever-growing tourist hot spot over the last few decades. Blessed with lush green life, and crystal blue waters it’s easy to see why! Mallorca the larger of the Islands, with a bustling population just shy of nine hundred thousand is home to some of the most beautiful sheltered coves. They lay in the shadows of some of the most exquisite limestone mountains that are just daring to be explored.

It coincides perfectly with the ever-growing tourist industry that seemed to have managed to magnify everything that is special about Mallorca, rather than overshadow it. It has everything to offer, being a relatively small island everything is within driving distance and you can travel from one side of the island to the next in a short forty-five minute trip. So if you are looking for the nightlife of the Capital of Palma, or have a desire to explore Stone built villages in Pollenca, it is all at your fingertips.

Based in the quaint Northern town of Alcudia, Lauren and her partner Paisley spent a week adventuring the island and everything it had to offer.

Here are Lauren and Paisley’s five reasons for YOU to fall in love with Mallorca!

1. Views on Views

Mallorca is blessed with some of the most beautiful yet accessible landscape. If you can hire a car then do so as it allows you to delve into the island at its purest. The roads are not for the faint hearted. Climbing a good hundred feet above sea level into the mountains, protected by small and somewhat inferior looking bollards it can have its heart stopping moments; but if you do, the reward is more than gratifying.

Just a twenty-minute drive from Alcudia lies the beautiful Cap De Formentor. Winding roads climbing ever so gradually towards the clear blue skies, surrounded by earthy limestone mountainside and luscious greenery, the roads open up to the remnants of what appears to be an abandoned old town. The building themselves leave a little to be desired but the view from above is nothing short of mesmerizing. The mountainside encapsulating the island in its protective perch, looking over everything beneath it.

Mallorca, Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Mallorca
Cap de Formentor, Mallorca

Lying discreetly at the bottom, only being made visible only by the vast contrast in height lies a perfectly scenic cove that just sums up the hidden gems that Majorca has to offer. You can drop a pin on a map (as we did) and it is almost guaranteed that you would not be disappointed by what you found. The island is surrounded by little hidden treasures such as this.

2. Cove Heaven

As you can imagine, being an island, Mallorca has plenty of beaches on offer. You can follow the coast line for miles upon miles and you’re almost guaranteed to stumble across somewhere to lay out your beach towel and curl your toes in the sand. However, what Majorca has done better than most is to discreetly turning these natural beauties into luscious tourist hot spots. In each dip in landscape, you will more than likely find a beach heaven that would satisfy most. Cala Mesquida, on the east side of the island is a perfect example. Surrounded by sand dunes dipping ever gradually down to the sea front, this perfect little cove was an unexpected discovery, even on a day when the sun didn’t want to come out to play.

Now you can’t head to the beach without dipping your toes into the water. The sea in Majorca is so clear, you can almost see each and every grain of sand glinting in the sun beneath you. The water is immaculate; they have quite clearly managed to fend off the modern-day plastic plague for now, as there was nothing but beautiful emerald-green as far as the eye could see.

Mallorca, Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Mallorca
Mallorca’s Emerald Green Sea

3. Culture

The Spanish may be more widely known for their classic traditions such as bull fighting or flamenco dancing and the occasional mid afternoon siesta. However, their is a deep-rooted culture based profoundly on their relationship between their modern-day identity and their religious views. The Spanish have most definitely become one of the more liberal and forward thinking communities, but they are also true to their cultural identity. Mallorca, most specifically Palma its capital, is home to the Moorish Almudaina royal palace and 13th-century Santa María Cathedral. Beautiful cathedrals can be found in almost every town, with monuments linking them to their past proudly.

Alcudia itself is a prime example. The old town is reminiscent of its rustic roots and is home to the Neo-Gothic Sant Jaume church. An elegant, yet almost haunting anchor to Mallorca’s past. The church is built into the towns restored medieval walls which are a perfect echo of what once was.

4. Oh so Pretty…

As a travel blogger, you can never beat a good sunrise or sunset. Playa De Muro at 6.45am on one of the last few days of the holiday blessed us with one of the most stunning sunrises to date. The beach was surprisingly busy. People doing Yoga in the soft sand, waiting for the sun to make an appearance and many eager holiday makers with their cameras at the ready. Disappointed they were not.

Mallorca, Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Mallorca
Incredible sunrises in Mallorca

It was truly picturesque. Not even the never-ending threat of the blood hungry mosquito’s could hamper the moment. True escapism at it’s finest.

5. Mallorca… biking mad!

Finally, you could not talk about Mallorca without mentioning their affection for road biking. Now as a driver, it was almost frustrating; however you have to give credit where credit is due. A sunny week in early April, Majorca was to be host to national Biking competition which has seen thousands, and I mean thousands of eager bikers flock to the island. If you have an affection for cycle holidays this was clearly the place to be! Women and Men in lycra on every street corner. People from every corner of the world were bearing national flags and racing their way around the island. Now it may not be for us, but I couldn’t really think of a better way to explore everything that this beautiful place has to offer!

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Mallorca, Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Mallorca
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  1. Wouldn’t mind visiting Mallorca for alll of these reasons, but when I travel I like to take a break from the Germans and they loooooove to go to Mallorca haha – I would however definitely rent a car and drive around the island! #FeetDoTravel

  2. Spain is one of my favorite countries in the world. I am intrigued to learn how are the islands are different from the mainland. But, I know I visit just for the natural beauty. #feetdotravel

    1. In my opinion there is not much difference to the mainland. Still the same beautiful coastline and relaxed lifestyle! Love their culture.

  3. We will be visiting Mallorca in the fall, so this is perfect. I’m so excited to see the lovely pictures and places you have featured in this post – it gets me even more excited for our trip! Saving this for later!!

    1. Oh what part are you going to? Honestly it was a lovely Island so relaxed and cultural. Definitely hire a car so you can explore the coves.

  4. Beautiful Majorca! We have been a few times and it was the first destination abroad when I was 6! (45 years ago!) I remembered a visit to the caves of drac and the dark and a boat with a violinist in it so it was great to go back 30 years later and experience it again!

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