Jet skiing in Torquay? This is the company you should choose!

jet skiing in Torquay, Jet skiing in Torquay? This is the company you should choose!

Recently we had the opportunity to attend a Jet Skiing Sunset Safari with Jet Set Go in Torquay, Devon. We are going to provide you with 5 simple reasons why you should choose this company too.

1.The Host: 

Glenn is a unique guy. One who can make you laugh over anything and then be reassuring you the next. If you are nervous his tactile approach is just what you will need. Don’t worry if you don’t get it within the first few minutes, Glenn will be there to advise you through the tough times and get you storming through the waves.

2. The Views:

Jet Skiing in Torquay allows you to see a completely different side of the beautiful seaside town. You get a unique view of the town which isn’t ruined by tourists and the hustle and bustle. The light of the sunset reflecting off the water coupled alongside the green of the British landscape is a serial moment. It allows you to see what the locals see in Torquay, the secret beaches and coves which we get to visit daily.

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3. The Wildlife:

With the opportunity to see both seals and dolphins on your safari, why would you not want to go? Sammy the seal and Scar face are infamous seals which pop around the Torquay cost- well known to both fishermen and tombstoner’s. They are often talk of the town. Also, you go past thatchers rock- an iconic part of the Torquay coastal scenery and a number of other islands. As usual, these are all inhabited by a variety of different species birds.

4. The Adrenaline:

Feeling the wind whip past you and riding the waves really gets the Adrenalin pumping around your body. There were definitely a few swear words coming out as we hit waves at speed. Despite this you still can’t help yourself to see what top speed you can get to it becomes a competition against yourself. Pushing yourself past the limits of fear is what makes jetskiing in Torquay worth doing.

5. Best Day Ever Syndrome:

Afterwards you will suffer with this syndrome. constantly telling your friends and family that you have had the… well you guessed it, the best day ever!  

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  1. This looks like so much fun … I never even considered that you would be able to view wildlife when jet-skiing! Sunset looks like the perfect time for this activity for sure, thanks for sharing! #feetdotravel

  2. Love Torquay, what a exhilerating way to experience the place! I’ll try convince Phil to give it a go next time were in Devon! nice video too 🙂

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