The Journey From Holland to Denmark

The journey across Holland to Denmark was interesting to say the least. First we managed to break the van door so we had to take a trip to a garage. When I say a trip to a garage it means us hopelessly driving around a town until we miraculously come across as a garage which some how we did. The guy was lovely and fixed the van for free. Whilst we were there I somehow managed to get my self locked in the smallest toilet ever though; only me. I don’t normally have claustrophobia but at that moment in time I shat myself, toilet puns at the ready…

After our morning drama we had decided o park up in a town on the outside of Amsterdam. To do this I randomly chose a town on the outskirts, I chose Weesp cause I thought it had a cool name. Weesp didn’t let us down it was one of them typical Dutch towns full of canals, windmills and dutch looking houses. Me and George decided to go and adventure around the town and check their market out. On our walk around I had to put up with George wearing her strap on Go Pro. Que the lesbian jokes…. Well most of the lesbian jokes came from me to be honest the locals just stared at us like we were strange foreigners.  We did venture into Amsterdam but as you can imagine that day was a bit of a smokey blur for me…

In the morning we had breakfast and set off on our way to Denmark, not being Germanist or anything we decided to just skip Germany and drive through (sorry to any German’s out there). It was about a 7 hour drive which was pretty muggy and stuffy and by the time we got to Denmark I was so tired. The view and the sunset we witnessed in Sodenhav was stunning and well and truely turned by mood. I was sold on Denmark the moment we arrived and this has only been magnified throughout the last 3 days.

For our first full day in Denmark we spent it down on the Sodenhav Strand it honestly looked like something out of the Mediterranean. We spent the day chilling and catching up on some well needed washing of both ourselves and clothes. I turned the picnic benches into my washing line. That evening we set off to another strand in Vemmingbund. If you ever go to Denmark I suggest going to their strands especially if you are in a camper van pretty much all of them at least have a toilet and if you are lucky you will get a shower.  The plan was to get up at 5.30am in Vemmingbund and watch the sunrise the next day a thunderstorm was predicted for about 10am so we wanted to do a bit of kayaking before the heavens opened.

As you will know from my previous blogs George does not like to follow plans so she woke me up at about 4am by kneeing me and trying to get out of the van to take pictures of the sunrise. As she run off in her excitement, leaving the van door open, I sat there and vindictively planned her death; I am not a morning person at all. That morning the sea was pretty rough but we still decided to venture in on our kayaks, which are ones which you just sit on. Apparently according to George we needed cushions because the seats were that uncomfy, I obliged I had never been on her kayaks before. About 10 seconds into the water I hit a massive wave so for the rest of the time we kayaked I just sat there with a soggy ass. Fun times.

By the time we got out and the heavens opened we had already set off to our next randomly chosen location a place called Agernaes about a 2 hour drive away. It went pretty quick to be honest though after I stuck my Biggie album on. George had to put up with my terrible rapping and my black girl alter ego nicknamed Lalisha by some; I mean damn did I get my sass on for it. You have to for Biggie Smalls right?

Agernaes is amazing, the best place we have been in Denmark so far! My next blog will tell you about my time there!

Denmark, The Journey From Holland to Denmark
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