Top Ten Tips for Prague

1. Get your money out of the cash point when you are over there; you get the best conversion rates this way!

2. Drink their beer and lots of it, it is cheap equivalent to about £1.50 and it is tasty!

3. Visit the James Dean nightclub- you want to have some cheesey mixed up Greece style music (the film not the country) and see half naked girls dancing in a cage, well this is the place to go….


4. Hire a bike out! We hired a bike out and cycled around the city up to the replica Eiffel tower and back, getting lost in the Monastery up there and stumbling across some US Military base!

5. If the previous point doesn’t highlight it enough make sure you get lost in Prague you will stumble across things you never expect- Like statues of babies with their faces turned into computer plugs…

6. Talk to the locals- having made friends with both Lumir and Peter (See Prague Perception) the locals are kind and willing to share their stories with you. Also, they will direct you to the best places!

7. Appreciate the culture… I have never visited a city that has as much character as Prague, wherever you go you will find random bits of art or architecture that is unexpected and beautiful!

8. Visit the old town square. The vibe and buzz here is amazing every hour the clock chimes and the characters come out to give the square a show. Also there’s always some amazing street acts going on!

9. Visit Prague Castle… It is B…E….A…U…TIFUL! An experience you will never forget!

Prague, Top Ten Tips for Prague
Chruch in Prague Castle

10. Try their doughnuts, forget Krispy Kreme’s, Prague doughnuts are the way forward in life!

Prague, Top Ten Tips for Prague
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