The Best Kind Of Selfish Adventure: How To Make The Most Of Travelling By Yourself

travelling by yourself, The Best Kind Of Selfish Adventure: How To Make The Most Of Travelling By Yourself

Going on an adventure is one of the pleasures in life we cannot deny ourselves. If it’s with our family or friends, it’s a fantastic experience that we can share with the people we care about. But when it comes to travelling by yourself, you may err on the side of caution and not necessarily go on the right adventure. This is understandable, but there are so many things that you are missing out on if you don’t go travelling by yourself. And in fact, if you go by yourself, there are so many different and unique experiences that you would never get if you were going with a group of people. How can you make the most of travelling by yourself?

Learn To Say “Yes”

When we go with a group of people, we can feel bound by committee. As such, decisions can be made for us. Instead, if we have numerous options to go for a hike or a cruise, it’s all about expanding our comfort zone. Say yes to the little things that you may not do normally. And even if you have a stereotypical perception of inactivity, you might be surprised as to how wrong you were. A good example is a cruise. Far from being just the mainstay of those that have reached retirement age, there are numerous Bolsover Cruise Club cruises from UK ports that take you among the most beautiful sights in the world. Say yes a few times, and you’ll be taken on a completely different adventure, but you will also be pleasantly surprised.

Be Someone Different

Travelling by yourself gives you that opportunity to be someone else if you want to. One of the great things about travelling by yourself is that you don’t have to stay in a group of people, especially if one member of the group isn’t really the sociable type. Being a foreigner in a foreign land is all about showing everyone that you are curious and open to new experiences. You don’t have to go deep into the underbelly of a culture, to speak to new people. The fact of the matter is, when you’re in a different country, you will stand out. Yes, there are things you need to do to be sensible in these situations, more of which later, but when you are looking to meet new people, and open your eyes to experiences, it’s important to be a different person than who you would be normally.

Think about the personality you want to present, especially if you are a methodical, by the books person. Instead, throw caution to the wind on occasion. Think about the people, rather than what’s in your guidebook. One of the great ways to meet new people is just to hang out. Get a coffee, sit down somewhere, and just watch people going by. This will tell you a lot more about a country and a culture than any guidebook. This can teach you an abundance of lessons on how to approach people, interact with them, but also adapt to a different culture. Culture shock is par for the course, but at the same time, you are the odd one out, and you can use this to your advantage to make new friends and deeper connections.

Say “Hello”

What a simple word! But it doesn’t seem to be a thing that we do so easily anymore. Sometimes people will come up to you, or the people that work at the hostel or hotel can point you in the right direction if you want to meet friendly, like-minded people. But at the same time, you want to learn how to keep the conversation going. Preparing a little introduction, so you can open up a conversation for more detail if you want to, is a great way to meet new people. Once you get over yourself and learn how to introduce yourself to the people you want to form a bond with, this will become easier and easier. At the same time, think about your body language. Travelling alone doesn’t mean that you should be cautious and wary of anybody. Remember, there are plenty of other people travelling alone, and we naturally gravitate towards these people. One simple piece of advice: smile!

Be Sensible

Yes, there’s the concept of stranger danger, and we can be somewhat defensive, but what we learn the more we travel is that the vast majority of people are friendly and good-natured. On the flip side, it is important that we learn how to be sensible when travelling by ourselves. Learning how to gauge the situation and understanding if someone has an ulterior motive are useful skills to have. You want to learn how to meet more people, but you also have to be in your right mind. Alcohol is one of those things that can flow when you’re in the right mindset. It’s important that when you start to socialise with people that you’ve never met that you know your limits. Not just so you can keep your senses about you, but if you have a hangover the next day, you will waste a lot of time.

Yes, as boring as it sounds, we have to be responsible adults on occasion! It’s always best to speak to people in the hostel about the areas that are a no-go, so you can have more than your fair share of positive experiences. These days, it’s easier than ever to keep people updated on our travels. It’s best to have somebody that you trust as a point of contact that you can keep them updated on your whereabouts. An emergency can always arise, and while it may not happen, we should keep our friends in the loop just in case.

On Your Way (On Your Own)!

Travelling by ourselves is one of the great adventures. After all, if we have holidays in a group of people, we’ve always got to debate what we all want to do. But, when it’s you, you have the power! If you’ve never been in somewhere by yourself, it can take some getting used to. But, once enough time has passed, you will learn, not just about how to conduct yourself in another country, but you will also learn about what you are capable of. Travelling alone is one of those great opportunities in life that we cannot turn down.

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