Marbella: Where Hot White Villas And Still Sea Waters Meet

Marbella, Marbella: Where Hot White Villas And Still Sea Waters Meet

Marbella sits between Malaga and Gibraltar and has a population of around 140,000. It’s one of the small cities but it attracts millions of people from around the globe as if it were much larger. Marbella is situated in one of the most southern parts of Spain, thus it’s closer to the equator. For the residents, travellers and holiday goers, this means boundless strides of sunshine. It’s hot for most of the year, and that means plenty of sunbathing and late night dips in the Alboran Sea water. The locals are the only thing that’s laid back because the shore is calm and the deep blue water is still. Great for snorkelling and observing the Mediterranean sea life down below. The architecture is as you would expect in a Spanish seaside resort town. Yellow and beige, much of the city center is standing in this rather sandy tone. However, there are luxurious villas lining the coast looking outward toward the horizon. These are some of the noticeable features but there are plenty more.

A predictable quality

When you come by the seaside in Spain, you can expect to be met with a familiar atmosphere. It’s calm but jovial, the people mind their business but also tip the brim of their straw hat and greet you with a friendly ‘Hola’. You will also find a predictable quality when it comes to accommodation. There is plenty choice of a Luxury apartment to rent in Marbella because companies know that many who travel here want to experience the finer things in life. These apartments are literally just seconds away from the beach. No matter what time of the day or night, you also have a concierge service to help you with anything you might need. There’s fiber-optic broadband to keep in touch with those at home and upload your photos to your online profiles. The decor is modern but with a slight beach twist with regards to colors and fabrics.

Tasting the sea

There’s no way you could come all this way to Marbella and not try the seafood. This is what the Mediterranean is known for the world over and you can bet your last penny that this city has some of the best you’ll try. Check out Elviria Restaurante which is over on the far east side of the city. it’s just off the main road called Autovia del Mediterraneo. The combination of traditional Spanish seafood mixed in with a contemporary twist is quite evident. Try the grilled black sea bass, with slightly charred vegetables and citrus sauce.

The old is new

Marbella has a rich history, which is why the Old Town is still kept in high regard. Here you have a park right in the center of the city and it also displays the shoreline with an open southern front. The lush bright green vegetation is like something out of a tropical island. It’s little wonder this is where the locals love to sip their coffee and read their newspapers here.

The still sea water is combined with a consistent hot glow from the sun. Choose one of the luxury apartments to be just meters away from the beach and also from the brilliant seafood restaurants.

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