Everything You Need To Know About The Trolltunga Hike

trolltunga, Everything You Need To Know About The Trolltunga Hike
Trolltunga Key Facts:
  • Length of hike: 8-10 hours
  • Distance: 23km
  • Elevation: 900 meters
  • When to visit: Guided tours run from Mid-March to early June. From June to September you are allowed to hike independently.
  • Photo queue time: 45-60 minutes during busy periods
  • Difficulty: 5/5 – Very long and also very steep in some places. Safety is key. Always check the weather, give yourself enough day light and go prepared.
Getting there:

The closest town near the Trolltunga rock is Odda. This can be reached by car, bus or ferry. From Odda you will either need to hitch hike, get the bus or drive.

  • Driving-

There are two car parks at the start of the hike make sure you drive up to main car park very early as it gets full quickly. By about 9 you will not be able to park there and have to go to the overflow car park. It costs about 15 pounds for 12 hours and you have the option of buying a few days worth of parking if you wish to camp overnight. The overflow car park will mean you need to get the bus from there to the start point as it is a very long walk.

  • Bus- 

During the hiking season there is a regular bus which runs from Odda to the start point of Trolltunga.

“Adventure is good for the soul”

Our Top Tips:
  1. Camp out overnight at within the mountain. It is a very long walk and squashing it into one day will leave you with no time to enjoy the rock itself! Also, this way you won’t have to queue for an hour for a photo on the rock.
  2. Fill your water on the route from the fresh flowing streams. Make sure you choose the ones which look clean or are running near fresh melting snow.
  3. Although it says that phone signal is not available, I had phone signal throughout the hike and even had 3G at most points. However, be prepared to not have signal and make sure you inform people where you are going.
  4. Take enough food with you. It is a challenging hike and you will need enough food to get you through the day. Also, you don’t know what will happen whilst you are up there so take extra just in case!
  5. Be prepared! The weather can change unexpectedly so make sure you pack for this. It will be colder within the mountains so layer up and you can take the layers off if needs be!
Why we fell in love with Trolltunga:

The Trolltunga hike is a challenging hike. Despite this, it is one not to be missed, the view of the Ringedalsvatnet lake is breathtaking. The deep blue colours from the lake contrast with the snow peaked mountains surrounding. The hike to Trolltunga really is what you would see in the films and you have the chance to see it for yourself!

Essential items to take with you:
  • Hiking boots are essential for this trek. With the rough terrain you are going to need a comfy and sturdy pair to keep you going. Our top hiking boot recommendation for the Trolltunga hike is the

    Jack Wolfskin Men’s All Terrain 7 Texapore Mid M Hiking Boot for men. For women we suggest the Jack Wolfskin Women’s Mtn Storm Texapore Mid W High Rise Hiking Boots. The boots are lightweight, durable and waterproof. Personally, we have found that the fit is amazing.

  • Back pack to carry your essentials in. Something light weight and waterproof. We suggest the  
  • Water bottle. You will get thirsty and fresh water is easy to find so just make sure you have a simple water bottle with you!
  • Food of course… We don’t want you to get hangry now do we…
  • A camera! We recommend the Nikon D3300 DSLR for beginner photographers or the DJI Mavic Pro drone if you are looking for something a little different! 

We have put together everything you will need below and found the best products and prices for you. Check them out below:

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  1. With a view like that, a hike is easily worth it. It’s hard to get views like that in Hong Kong. Can’t wait to visit some of these places like Trolltunga to catch a glimpse of something so beautiful. Nice write-up!

  2. Wow! Very inspiring pics and detailed description and tips.I was asking myself in what country you were (lazy to open google maps) and seen now it’s in Norway…;) Thanks for sharing, adding to my adventure bucket list..:)

  3. Trolltunga is so gorgeous place. Not surprising that it’s so popular with tourists. Thank you for informative article and great tips especially for this: Camp out overnight at within the mountain. I don’t like waiting in lines, so it’s very helpful.

  4. I’m heading to the Trolltunga rock in a few weeks. Great to read an honest perspective of someone who has been there and done it!!

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