The Tiny Little Traveller

The Tiny Little Traveller, The Tiny Little Traveller

The Adventure Diary loves meeting new and exciting people on different platforms. Recently we discovered the Tiny Little Traveller on Instagram and we just had to introduce them to you guys! We know you will love it just as much as we do.

The Tiny Little Traveller, The Tiny Little Traveller
The Tiny Little Traveller adventuring the world one small step at a time…
Your Instagram is a very unique page. Could you explain what the tiny little traveller is in your own words?

The Tiny Little Traveller started as a way to summarize my trip.But during my journey it developed and it became a way to show the beauty of the world. We humans are small when you compare it to the bigger picture, but sometimes we forget things like this. Sometime I have the feeling that humans are arrogant to claim the whole world. And the Tiny Little Traveller is a way for me to show everybody how big the world is in comparison to us.

So what inspired you to create the Tiny Little Traveller? Where did you get your inspiration from?

One day I was browsing on the internet and saw some picture of little model figures in a human setting. That was in the time I was busy with the preparations for this long trip, and I was already looking for something special and creative to do during my trip. Creativity is a way to look different at the surroundings and the little model figures gave me the idea to show everything through the eyes of the Tiny Little Traveller.

Tell us a little more about you the creator:

Back home, in the Netherlands, I am studying Architecture. I am now in the middle of my masters, but I quit my job and paused my study to got travelling for 6 months. When I was 12 the idea of travelling to Australia popped into my head for the first time, and since then it only developed. Now I am 24 and finally I am doing the trip I always dreamed of. Besides my study I love to make pictures and explore photography, just as a hobby. And I also do kayaking as a sport. I just love to be creative.

Where have you and the tiny little traveller been so far? What has been your favorite place?

This is the first trip for the Tiny Little Traveller. So far we already spent one month in Australia, driving from Sydney to Adelaide. And now we are in the middle of our two months in New Zealand. After that we go back for another three months in Australia, to see the South, West Coast and Outback.
Before the Tiny Little Traveller I already went to a lot of European countries, China and Indonesia. It is hard to compare everything with each other and I also don’t want to compare it. Every place is unique and has it own beauty, that is the thing I want to show with the Tiny Little Traveller.

Travelling always gives you draw dropping, wow moments. Have you and the tiny little traveller had any of these yet? Where were they too?

During the trip so far there has been a lot of jaw dropping moments. Here are two examples:

  1. The first is the Tongariro Crossing, one of the most famous day hikes here in New Zealand. This is a 20 km hike through one of the most spectacular pieces of nature. Part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is filmed here, Mount Doom. When I was walking there it felt so surrealistic and unreal. The whole surrounding felt like a painting or a Photoshop.
  2. And the second example is my canyoning trip in Abel Tasman National Park. This trip brings you through a beautiful and surreal canyon. Also, as I was exploring it in a different way than usual the smile would not leave my face.

But so far within my travels nearly every moment has been a jaw dropping moment. The little things in the world can make me so happy, every place has a unique thing about it.

Sometimes travel can be challenging. What has been the most challenging part for you and the tiny little traveller?

I have been travelling for almost 3 months now, with another 3 to go. This is the biggest challenge. However, I am not home sick. I don’t miss the Netherlands, but sometime i miss my friends and family. I am still enjoying my trip and I am looking forward to the coming 3 months, but sometimes it feels like a long time to go. Despite this I am not going to complain as long every day I still can enjoy the surroundings and never get bored. I have met so many new amazing people and every day I see the most beautiful places that you also, momentarily, forget the people back home.

We love your photos! Do you have any photography hints and tips?

Photography is just a hobby for me, I have learned it along the way and everyday I am still learning. The best tip what I can give is talk to people, when you see somebody making a beautiful picture asked them what kind of settings they used. This helps you to understand your camera and what you can do with it.
And a personal tip is the 1/3 – 2/3 rule. See a picture as a grid of 3×3 and use this to place the subject in the picture. Most people always place the must important thing in the center of the picture, but most of the times it is more beautiful when you place it on 1/3 or 2/3 in the frame. A horizon doesn’t have to be always in the middle, show some more land or some more sky. It makes your pictures better. And also change the position of the camera itself. Kneel, lay down or go stand on something higher, this makes your picture more interesting.

In the long run where are you hoping you Instagram page goes? Is it a hobby or are you looking to grow and grow?

The Instagram @tinylittletraveller started for me as a joke. For the first two and a half months I had a small amount of followers, only friends and family. So I was really surprised that at a certain moment other people started to follow me, I didn’t expect that, but I like it. Now I feel more pressure to make the perfect shot, but I still love to do it. I don’t know what to expect in the future, of course it would be nice to get more followers and become bigger and bigger and bigger. But it started as a hobby and for me that is the most important thing, that I can still enjoy it, and then I can share it with the rest of the world.

Check out @tinylittletraveller on Instagram.

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